Thank You for Sponsoring The Lee Street Listening Room!

Skip the spiel.
Sponsor a public show.
Get a free private LSLR show to use as you like!

Oh, you want the spiel?

All LSLR shows feature nationally and internationally touring artists and are offered free to the public and broadcast live on Facebook.

The WHY?
Because this world needs more art, more music, more love, more community, AND the 5000 or so people that watch the live stream need to know how cool Lewisburg is! (They are already starting to travel to see the shows! And stay at our hotels and eat at our restaurants!)

The HOW?
I know and work with some of the greatest touring artists in the world. For some reason, they are all wanting to come play LSLR! While audience members are always encouraged to donate (and they do!), donations do not come even close to covering my expenses... even with the massively reduced rates these artists offer me. (And me them when I’m on tour.)

The ASK!
Would you care to sponsor a show at the LSLR? $1,500 guarantees we break even.

This is not a charity. I want you to get something awesome in return. So with each concert sponsorship you get your own, private, LSLR concert featuring Adam DeGraff, to use as you see fit. Use it for business, for pleasure, give it to a friend, or donate it to charity.

Thank you!

~Adam DeGraff